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HSDP045BO foam tray for Star Wars Armada Wave 2 Home One


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Feldherr Epaisseur mm45 mm
Pick and Pluck/Pre-CubedNON
Bottom / TopperNON
Topper / LayerNON


Especially for the Star Wars Armada Wave II foam tray. There is enough space to store two Home One and two Rebel-Squadrons. In addition, there is enough space for cards in sleeves, Commando and Speed Dials.

The 45 mm thickness for this foam tray is the result from 10 mm foam base and foam tray with 35 mm effective height.

  • Dimension of the Feldherr half-size (HS) foam tray: 275 mm x 172 mm x 45 mm height
  • The foam tray perfect fit in the Feldherr bag: Mini, Mini Plus, Medium, Maxi, Messenger, Hard Case, Backpack and Storage Boxes
  • 2 compartments for Home One
  • 2 compartments for Rebel-Squadrons
  • 1 compartment for cards in sleeves
  • 2 compartments for Command and Speed Dials